Kotumsar Cave Jagdalpur Bastar

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Chhattisgarh, not only owns the beautiful waterfalls and the caves, but it also houses the astonishing caves. These caves have taken millions of years to construct themselves up to form a beautiful structure in the present. The caves in the state of Chhattisgarh are more captivating when compared to the ones present in the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh. Mostly, the caves form a beautiful scenic place of visit by the tourists when in Chhattisgarh.

The Kanger National Park has huge sediment of limestone deposits forming into caves. The caves have these dripping structures which makes them look a little scary if visited for the first time. The caves in Chhattisgarh are country’s first most biological exploration which is natural as well as unbelievable. Many caves are yet to be discovered as they do not have a proper opening mouth for anybody to enter, hence geologists have not been able to make through these limestone deposits yet.

The Kotumsar cave is the second largest naturally made cave in the world. And the proud figure is, Kotumsar cave is the biggest in India, naturally made. The cave is a whopping 35 meters below the ground and 1371 meters long, thus making one of the best caves in the state. One of the peaceful areas, the caves is situated below the ground level and has a lot of silence and darkness. The caves are also filled with horrible bats and termites, but however, it is bliss to be at a cave.

The entry to the cave is very narrow climbing down a staircase and passing through tall, narrow chambers, concrete and steel stairs before accessing the main hall. The cave features five chambers having blind wells. Tribal tales are associated with the cave also known as Gupanpal or Kutamsar, and hence the name.

Out of the five chambers within the cave, one is covered with a sheet of rock producing a hollow sound when banged. When in the cave, the outer world seems not reachable with a complete different environment and surrounding. The cave has its own fascinations like, the stalagmite and stalactite formations are the world’s oldest ones which are explored biologically in India. The other fascinations are the live surviving below the ground, like the snakes, bats, frogs, insects, etc., making it a very creepy place to stand, however a beautiful one to visit.

The cave houses few of the extinct species of the world and it is a proud fact to share. The blind fish is found in the cave’s wells. The cave floor consists of soil, clay, pebbles, rocks and water pools with many passages, downstream and upstream. The cave maintains a constant temperature of 28 degrees inside, naturally. Due to the depth, the oxygen insufficiency leads to certain restrictions on some cave points. The cave is best visited and discovered during the winters. On rainy seasons, starting June to October, the cave is closed and shut for visitors.

The cave is 40kms from Jagdalpur and is in the western part of the Kanger National Park near the Kanger River and 5kms from Kotamsar barrier. When one in Chhattisgarh, the Kotumsar cave is a must visit for mind blowing views and experiences.

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