Tourist Places in Bastar

The area has a lot to offer to visitors or tourists due to its natural beauty and pleasant atmosphere.

Bastar region constitutes seven districts i.e., Bastar, Dantewada, Bijapur, Kondagaon, Narainpur, Sukma nad Kanker, Before being split, it was one of the largest districts in India.with an area of 39171 sq. kms, this is even greater than the state of Kerala and some other countries like Belgium and Israel etc.

Bastar is a mysterious and very attractive land because of its primitive culture.Most of the interior sites of Bastar, are untouched, unexplored and offer a unique and alternate experience to tourists, compared to traditional destinations which are overcrowded. Bastar is also called the”Land of Sal Forests”. The density of the Sal trees (shoraaro busta) is so high that, when one walks inside the forest, one will feel like evening, as the sun rays do not penetrate the thick canopy of Sal.

Tourists will definitely like the waterfalls, temples, caves, rock paintings and hill plateaus with its unique cultural and ecological identity which is one of the richest biodiversity areas of the country.The UN has identified Bastar, as one of the biodiversity hotspots of the country. Some of India’s deepest caves are in Bastar.

It is a natural paradise with its divergent topography and medley of cultural extravaganza. Every season has its own charm for Bastar. The rainy season is beautiful with the murmuring and gushing sound of the springs and waterfalls, surrounded by green fields all around.In winter it is a valley of fog. One can enjoy the morning hours when the first rays of the sun enter the valley and in the night, the singing stars can be satisfactorily captured along with camping, bornfires, trekking, musical nights, Bastariya food and Dandami Madiya dance of the tribals.

It goes without saying that, this enchanting region is the Kashmir of Central India.

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