Chitradhara Waterfalls Bastar Chhattisgarh

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Chitradhara waterfall is located in the Bastar district, one of the serene waterfalls to visit. The Chitradhara waterfall is situated 19kms from Jagdalpur and located in the Potnar village. The main source of the Chitradhara waterfall is the river Indrāvati. The Chitradhara waterfall forms a horse shoe shape providing a stunning landscape with a height of almost 100 meters with a lush green surrounding and eye catchy places.

The Chitradhara waterfall located at Potnar village is a magnificent view. The Potnar village is remotely located and quiet from the rest of the district, making the gushing sound of the Chitradhara waterfall the only sound to be heard when near the village.

The Chitradhara waterfall has its own versions, during the summer and monsoons. The waterfalls are overflowing during the monsoons, wherein the water gushes slowly and calmly during the summers. The waterfall has a heavy gush with a very vulnerable speed and flow during the monsoons giving no minute details to be viewed by the visitors. Contrary, during the summers, the water falls through a stepped mountain giving a different view altogether.

Following a zig-zag pattern of its movement, the Chitradhara waterfall is a natural beauty in itself, flowing down the hill through the rocky lands and creating small lakes at the bottom. These small lakes at the bottom of the valley become a tourist attraction, safer to visit. The Chitradhara waterfall is very little crowded and hence making one of the most amazing waterfalls for visit. People explain the waterfall to be a milky white thread, flying and lying down at the bottom of a green colored bed.

If the name of the waterfall is to be considered, then ‘Chitra’ means picture and ‘Dhara’ means flow. Hence the picture of the flow is a mesmerizing view making a great tourist attraction. Being very closer to Jagdalpur, Chitradhara also becomes a picnic spot for the people living in the district for day outings. Being less crowded, the locals prefer visiting the waterfall occasionally.

The Maria tribes and their flea market are present in almost every city in Bastar. The Maria tribes would set up their flea market near the falls on every Monday. Since Chitrakot is mostly visited, the Chitradhara waterfall and the flea market can also be covered if planned well. The waterfall is a breathtaking view in every season but to have a complete view o f the fall, monsoons are the best, hence making October to February the best time to witness the gush of the water. The fall is located 19kms from Jagdalpur and 8kms from Chitrakot waterfall on NH 221 making it a must stop for sightseeing when in Chhattisgarh.

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