Origin of the name Bastar

Unraveling of the name – Bastar

The district of Bastar has been divided into few cities in the neighboring areas exhibiting different shades of green and vivid tribal culture. Bastar is still awaiting travelers and visitors to explore the unfound beauties within, located remotely. Stunning places with unseen haven gives the explorers a bagful of experiences, marvelous ones!

Bastar is situated 20 kms North of Jagdalpur, but have you ever wondered the etymology of the name that is completely opposite to what it sounds? Bastar, the name itself is a matter of dispute amongst the scholars.

According to mythological tradition, Goddess Danteswari of Kakatiya kings helped brother of Anam Dev, the brother of King Purushottam Dev from Warangal to spread the kingdom by acquiring land by spreading her garment (vastra) over a vast area. And hence the name Bastar has been derived from the word Vastra of Goddess Danteswari.

As per some scholars, the name is originated from the word ‘Bansthari’ (land of bamboo) because bamboo is seen over a vast area in the region.

For some it is believed that the name is derived from the word ‘vistrit’ meaning vast.

Bastar earlier was just the name of a small village. But due to its historical significance, the name was applied to the entire district. During the 13th century, the first “Kakatiya” ruler shifted their base from Barasur to Dantewada. Before arriving Jagduduguda(present Jagdalpur, named after Jagdudu, Maharashtra), the Kaktiya rulers stayed in the village of Bastar for a short period of time. Archaeological findings from the river nearby also prove the existence of the King in Bastar for a period of time.

Jagdalpur, very near to Bastar, remained the capital of the Kakatiya dynasty and thus the kingdom was named as Bastar. Alas, the name of the village was given to the district.

And now you know how the district of Bastar got its name!

Travelers from all over the world visit Bastar during the year and hence it becomes very useful for the public to educate themselves on the evolution of the place of visit. Every single aspect holds a story behind, which is hidden but if you are an avid traveler, getting to know the details is your stuff!

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