Geo Location of Bastar

For any traveler be it young, old, child or an adult, needs to be well aware of the points that can be covered during any trip to a city. Bastar being one of the most amazing destinations has a lot to be covered and hence the proper starting point of the tour is always Jagdalpur. Jagdalpur has all the infrastructural facilities available, especially for the travelers to belong to metro cities. Jagdalpur is very easily connected to cities like Visakhapatnam, Raipur, Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. Frequent bus connection between the cities like Raipur, Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam is also available.

And the fascinating part is Jagdalpur is right in between the Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh border with Raipur approx 280 kms away and Visakhapatnam 200 kms away with Raipur being the nearest airport which is around 5 -6 hours of journey.

Jagdalpur gives the travelers a correct vision of their trip and an easy access to all means of transportation with one of the beautiful sight seeing place, the river Indrāvati. The statue of “Madiya couple with children” welcomes whoever enters Jagdalpur. The statue symbolizes the Bastar culture. The statue is located at Madiya Chowk with varied Bastar arts and culture being displayed. The feel of Bastar culture and their tribe can be felt from the very first step that you take into the district.

There are certain places in the city which are important to be visited like The Sahid Park, wooden carving crafts at Murthi Lane (sculpture line), Mrignaynee Emporium, Sanjeevanee Kendra and Lamini Park.

Certain other places that can be visited during your stay at Jagdalpur are,

Bastar Haat – an elevated area for tourist, can be visited before entering Jagdalpur from Raipur side. The place is a replica of Bastar with all the infrastructural amenities required.

Asana Park – an area on the other side of river Indrāvati, a beautiful place to visit.

Kurandi – 9 kms from Jagdalpur, is a herbal park.

Parchanpal – famous for wooden crafts, clay crafts and wrought iron works, Parchanpal is 10 kms from Jagdalpur with a museum cum botanical garden constructed. Large stone sculptures are laid with a fusion of flora, the prominent ones being squat Sisal plants, can be seen on either side on the highways. An attractive place for all the handicrafts lover.

Bastar Myana – a tamed bird by the forest department of Bastar is kept enclosed in Jagdalpur. The place is towards the Bastar – Geedam Road and one will be amazed to hear a bird mimic “Namasthe Sahab” in its tamed voice replicating a human. The Bastar Myana (Gracula Religiosa liinacus) is the biggest and popular bird in Bastar. Both the sexes of birds can mimic with a difference in both their voices and has a repertoire of 3 to 13 types of calls.

The bird is pitch black in color with yellow colored legs and yellow beak. It has a dash of white on the wings and bright yellow wattles on the head.

One of the beautiful creatures, increasing the beauty of Bastar with its color and tamed voice.

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