Privacy Policy

The idea and the sole purpose of this policy are to educate users about the information captured by us about the location.

We encourage the user to register with us, so that they could have a separate user panel wherein they could upload their information, blogs, images, snippets in the site. If you do not register, then the information we collect from you would be very limited.

The IP address that you keep using for the each visit, either be from any specific internet connection or through the dial up connection.  It becomes extremely difficult for the management to identify and trace you through your IP address. We further make no attempt to further scrutiny your IP address to find you as per our corporate policy.

At any point of time, if you are a visitor who has visited our site by clicking on a link or a advertisement which is live on another site, we still log that information at our end. This particular exercise makes us to understand the internet exposure of our site and also to determine the interests of our users. These information is collected and are entered into our database and used for the future archival.

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