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Sukma is the southernmost part of the state. While travelling to Sukma from Jagdalpur gives an awesome experience to travelers with a scenic beauty and view. Sukam borders Telangana and Odisha. As per mythology, this is a part of Dandakaranya. Lot of remnants found in the area justifies the claim that Lord Rama has passed through Sukma and Konta to Bhadrachalam and Rameswaram before reaching Sri Lanka.

River Shabari is the life line of the district. Sukma came into existence in the year 1300. The predecessors of the zamindars of SUkma who worked under the Kingship of Bastar, were originated from Rajasthan. They have fled from Rajasthan to the Kingdom of Warangal to avoid the Moghuls. Their existence was troublesome by the Peshwas and Martha Kings and hence to avoid the atrocities they moved to Sukma for shelter.


Among the group of Rajasthani, one family consisting of father, mother and son were trying to cross the river where an angel appeared and asked for a sacrifice of one so that the rest two can live. Father wanted to sacrifice but the son wanted to sacrifice as well thinking that his parents are healthy enough to conceive another. The place where the boy jumped in the river is known as Muniputta. It is like am island between the village Telavarti.

Devotees perform pooja during Shivratris and Makara Sanskranti. It is believed that if the island ever sinks into the river, it would raise a big havoc in the area.

Mahadev Dongri

The couple initially settled in Mahadev Dongri but due to animal attack settled towards the Shabari River. The place where the couple initially settled is 3kms from Sukma. An ancient Shiv temple is constructed by the couple in the village which was later discovered by the locals.

Devotees come here on different festivals like Shivratri.

Chitpitin Mata

The deity of the famous temple at Chitpitin Mata located at village Ramaram is said to be built by the couple who even installed the Devi. Even today Pujaris chants certain words that indicated the deity has been brought from Warangal.

The devotees has their trust intact during occasions with dances like Dorala dance from Chintur, Gedi dance from Marenga, Kinderewada and Kodaripal, Dhurba dance and Danda dance.

Budhi Devi in Danda Pahadi

The people of Ghusaram village on the Nakulnar Sukma road used to worship Budhi Devi n top of a hill with a portion of their harvesting, once the harvest season is over.

The hill is 4kms from Ghusaram village and the goddess is in a narrow cave. The hill is perpendicular making it difficult to climb or walk. The cave is in between the top of the hill and the road. The cave has two openings and the length is around 200 meters from one side and 100 meters on the other side.

Injeram village

It is believed that Rishi Inji’s ashram was located in this village during the Ramayana period. In the local language “Inje Rama Vatod” means Lord had come here, hence the place is known as Injeram. One can see the image of Lord Vishnu, Shiv and Brahma.

The place is 70kms from Sukma and nearby village Chintgufa is a worth visit.

Hazrat Mastan Baba, Majar Sarif

The people of faith visit the Hazrat Mastan Baba and are located in the dense forests.

Sabari River

It is a tributary of River Godavari and is common boundary of Chhattisgarh and Odisha. This is the life line of Sukma and one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the flowing river with its sounds for hours to gather.

Rani Darha waterfall

It is in the Konta Tahsil on the River Shabari near Talnar village in between Puspal and Koirala ghat. Bhimsenghat is on the Shabari River and this waterfall is on the uostream beyong Bhimsenghat. Triveni Sangham is nearby.

Dudma waterfall

The waterfall is located in the Chitalnar which is in Chindgarh area and near to Tongpal of Sukma district.

Tungla reservoir

A beautiful reservoir inside the deep forest is 20kms from Sukma. Best time to visit the place is in the winters when large number of migratory birds can be watched.

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