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The Bailadila mountain range is famous in the world for its top quality iron ores. 14 reserves have been identified in this range, out of which mining activities have taken place in 3 deposits already. As the mountain range ha peaks that looks like humps of an ox, hence it is named as Bailadila – the hump of an ox in the local language.

The commercial discovery of the iron ores in Bailadila dates back to 1955-1956 when Professor Euemura of Japanese Steel Mills Association studying drew the attention towards the iron ore deposits in the area and the proximity in the Eastern coast of India. Mine plant was set in 1968 with the Japanese help by NMDC and the first iron ore plant was set in Kirandul.

The Bailadila iron ore ranges from a length of 40kms with a width of 10kms mostly on top of the hill. It has an estimated reserve of 1200mtonnes of high grade iron ore. These are the best ones with 66% iron content free from sulphur and other materials required for steel making. There is a regular iron ore movement from this area to Visakhapatnam port by rail.

The train journey

The journey in the K-K line (Kirandul – Kottavalasa) from Kirandul to Visakhapatnam via Araku is a mesmerizing trip for any tourist. The train passes through many tunnels and the highest elevation broad gauge station is in Odisha, Similiguda just before Bora caves.

Journey from Jagdalpur to Bacheli

A train journey in Kirandul and Jagdalpur route in the district of Bastar is a memorable one. One can watch the valley, mountain, forests, rivers and springs with amazing beauty from the moving train.

Flying snakes – Takshyak Nag of Mahabharat Era

The flying snakes or the Takshyak Nag known to have existed 5000 years ago in the Mahabharat era is believed to be found today even in the Bailadila mountains.

Akash Nagar

The topmost peak of the Bailadila Mountains can be visited with prior permission from the NMDC. It is a 22kms long ghat road from Bacheli. The journey through the ghats gives an awesome view of the region where one can enjoy the green localities with blue sky and beautiful landscape with pleasant weather.

Thick fogs and the clouds during the rainy seasons are an added advantage. The summer is mild while the winters are fine to view; the scenic beauty of the place will mesmerize you and thus is known as the “Kashmir of Central India.”

The Shiv Ling at Bacheli is the 2nd largest and its view is quite beautiful. Earlier there was a rest house and gardens for the king. The king used to rest here after hunting.

It is like heaven on the Earth.

Kailash Nagar

This is an important peak of the Bailadila Mountains. This is a 12kms ghat road from Kirandul. One can also find wonders like the beautiful deposits of “Blue Dust”, the sand that is colored blue in the iron ores.

Malangir Falls

This is a beautiful fall at Essar Kirandul plant side known as Akash Ganga by the local people. The waterfall at Malangir is at a height of 50 feet and is a wonderful sight. It is 7kms from the Kirandul Essar road near the village Nilavaya.

Fulpad waterfall

The waterfall is mineral rich and is located in Kuwakonda block in Dantewada. It is 18kms from Kirandul – Palanar road. One can approach the road from the side of Dantewada-Bailadila a road through triangular square. One has to pass through Nakulnar and Palanar through Aranpur Ghati to reach the waterfall.

In this ghati, Phoolpad village is located and the rainy brook waterfall is 2kms from the village. This is 42kms from Dantewada and 20kms from Kirundul. A very beautiful place during the rainy seasons but a cautious one as it is very dangerous during the rainy days.

Aranpur waterfall

The waterfall is located in the dense forests with no proper roads to reach the waterfall. It is unknown to the people of Bastar as well. The waterfall can be found after Phoolpad waterfall only if one moves forward. It is the Aranpur waterfall.

Bodhghat Sath Dhar

Here the Indravati River divides into 7 parts to form small waterfalls. This is fully under the dense forests. It is 6kms from Barasur.

Bagmundi Waterfall

The waterfall is near the Bastanar ghats near the village Baghmundi. The fall is very scenic during the rainy seasons and is very beautiful to watch.

Jharalawa waterfall

This is one of the rarest waterfalls in Bastar. This is located near Raja Bangla of village Vanshi in the district of Dantewada. It is 15kms from Dantewada. The fall is from 60 feet and divides itself into two stages. The top stage is at a height of 40 feet and the bottom is at a height of 20 feet.

The waterfall can be reached through another route between Bacheli and Dantewada through forests and is around 40kms before reaching Bacheli. The waterfall is a spellbound view.

Bedna waterfall

It is around 40kms through Nakulnar from Dantewada. It is in the dense forest of Badhupara and passes through 3 hills of around 50 feet height. It is difficult to reach but one has to walk through 4kms to reach the waterfall.

Dudma Jhodi waterfall

Katekalyan block of Dantewada is covered with lush green forests and scenic valleys. This waterfall is on the banks of Dumam River on the state highway from Katekalyan to Bade-Gurda, via Parcheli, 38kms from Dantewada. Falling from a height of 20 feet the waterfall is enjoyable on rainy days.

Memory pillars of Gamawada

A small village 14kms from Dantewada on the way to Bacheli, where large sized stones can be found on the way. One can view the age-old tradition as to how these giant stones were erected centuries back by the locals as memory pillars dedicated to their deceased elders and relatives. Even in some cases, these are remembrances of deceased person’s hobby, dreams, lifestyle and the reasons for the death.

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