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The Indian Niagara is a breath taking beauty, an outing which every traveler would cherish!

A life time opportunity of its kind. Situated in India, the falls is a beauty which takes a lot of effort to reach. Located on the river Indrāvati, the Chitrakot falls has a shape of a horse shoe. It is the largest waterfall in India with dense forests.

The best time to visit Chitrakot is from July to October, basically during the rainy season. We can see the power of the water gushing through the hills down the fall, creating a magnificent environment to gaze through and relax. From the top, one can see the different shades of rainbow with a misty background.

The waterfall has a whopping height of 29 meters which is about 95 feet. The width of the fall is 300 meters which is around 380 sq. ft, forming a horse shoe shape. During the monsoons, the stretch can be seen with an over flow of water whereas it is a little different during the off monsoon season. The fall has its own beauty in different seasons that can be cherished.

Local boats are operated below and under the waterfall on early sunrise, a view breathtaking and remembering. In fact many Shiva Lings are found along with trishuls in rusted condition making Abhisekha’s throughout the year.

On the left bank of the falls, a small Shiva Temple with images of Ganesh can be seen inside caves known as “Parvati”

And the most interesting part is the lake has two parts, the calmer side and the rough side. The calmer side of the lake is used by the pilgrims to take bath whereas the rougher side of the lake is used for adventure sports. During the off seasons, paddle boats are also made available due to the lighter flow of the falls.

The Chitrakot waterfall in India is one of the geomorphosites or a geoheritage, i.e. a place rich in its ancient geological sites of cultural and socio economic significance.

One of the untouched tribe of Chhattisgarh, the Maria tribe can be visited at their villages nearby to the waterfall. Definitely monsoons are the best time to visit the place, to explore the scenic and the peaceful beauty.

The entire vicinity of the fall is well preserved by the forest department. This department of the Government even provides a PWD guest house for the travelers nearby. One can even choose to be at the “Chitrakot log huts” to enjoy the awesomeness of the falls while resting.

The government of India has labeled the fall as “natural ambiance” suitable for ecotourism. The Government has made many efforts in beautifying the area and making equipment and substances available easily by constructing lift, shops, flood light, storm drainage, etc. while not harming the natural beauty.

The Chitrakot falls is nearly 40kms from Jagdalpur wherein you can view exciting Haats, Handia(local brew) and an awesome rural life, thus making it one of the most liked and visited places in India after Goa. People are even trying to cultivate a culture which is mostly adopted in places like Goa, but such a way might be exciting to people but harmful to nature, indeed.

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