Dalpat Sagar Lake Jagdalpur Bastar

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The exploration of Chhattisgarh doesn’t stop only with the discovery of the waterfalls and rivers, instead there are certain man made artificial lakes which adds to the beauty of the district. The waterfalls are wonderful, but the artificial lakes are mesmerizing and breathtaking to believe the fact that humans might have constructed and dug a water body so great and huge, only for their convenience. Dalpat Sagar Lake is one amongst the dug lakes in the district, thus making it an artificial water body.

The Dalpat Sagar Lake was constructed 400 years ago by Raja Dalpat Rao of Kakatiya dynasty to harvest rain water. The lake is almost 350 hectares spread and was dug for the main purpose of harvesting. However, the present use of the lake is in harvesting fishes. Chhattisgarh takes its pride in housing one of the largest man-made artificial lake within its district with a lot to be discovered by the travelers by visiting the state.

The lake also houses an island that can be visited by the tourists through boat links. If one can wake up early in the mornings, then one can even join the ritual worship of the deities present on the island. Noticeably the Shiva temple is present on the island that is worshipped by many. After the worshipping, one can also take part in watching the different talent of group fishing. Group fishing is a practice done by the locals where one group spreads the nets while the other group drives the fishes into the nets by beating the water and screaming.

The lake can also be very closely visited by the boat rides.  One can enjoy the boating using motor or paddle boats on your visit to Dalpat Sagar Lake. Apart from boating, one of the peace giving view is of the sunrise and sunset which can be viewed here. As a traveler, one must not miss the scenic beauty during these two precious views.

The artificial lake has 3 ponds in total nearby. Being a mostly visited place by the tourist and locals, the place still needs a little more attention and maintenance by the Government, to which the Government has even started taking various initiatives to keep the lake and it’s surrounding clean. Being one of the major sources of fish, the lake is largely visited during Shiva Ratri and different activities that takes place in the lake.

As the lake is situated in the Bastara district, hence the lake can be visited any time during any season. There is no specific season for visit; however, in order to view the group fishing activity at its peak, one can visit the lake during monsoons as most number of fishes is harvested during the rainy seasons.

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