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The city is also known as the Craft City of the state. It is famous for bell metal crafts and other form of crafts native to the tribal of Bastar. Various indigenous crafts were developed and produced in this area through generations.

It is the hub of various handicrafts renowned over the world as Bastar Handicrafts. A special type of bell metal craft known as Dhokra is the style mark. A couple of hillocks surround the town from the eastern side. Keshkal valley nearby is also an important place of visit.

The coconut development board in the southern part sprawling across the plantations is also an important place of visit. The town is famous for its cosmopolitan nature as migrants from various parts of North, South and East have settled here and added variety to culture and tradition.

Buddha Chaitya Griha

The monument is located near Bhongapal village in dense forest of Pharasgaon. The only site where Buddha image is found, also locally known as ‘Dokara Baba’. Remains of two temples built for Lord Shiva were also unearthed nearby. Buddhist Chaitya Griha was built in the 6th century AD and it is believed that the Shiva temples are also of the same time.

Amravati Shiv Temple

It is an ancient Shiv temple situated 20kms east of Kondagaon. In the nearby areas of Garh-Dhanora, some monuments and idols are found.

According to researchers the temple and the adjoining monuments are supposed to be built by the Nala Dynasty which rules adjoining areas of Kondagaon and Narayanpur.

Unique Style

The temple is a combination of two styles ie., front side temple part is built by bricks and the back side, an oval area which is beautifully supported by small rock pillars.

It is a natural Shiv Ling with cave like interior look. During Shiv Ratri large numbers of devotees come to the temple to worship.

Alor Temple (Lingai Mata)

The temple is also popularly known as the temple of faith. The temple is located 9kms from Pharasgaon, near Bade Dongar village located on a small hill. Entrance to the temple is very narrow, built inside a cave where 25-30 people can sit comfortably. A natural Shiv Ling with a height of 2 feet. The deity is considered to be a combination of Shiv and Shakti. As per the locals, the height of the Shiva Ling increases year after year.

The door of the temple opens once in a year. When the temple door opens, 5 people or the priests who are present at the time of opening predicts the events that may take place after watching the figures or imprints. For example, if the figure is in the shape of horse shoe, then it is predicted that there might be a war in the future.

The Shiva Ling is worshipped once in a year, Hindu calendar month Bhadra ie., first Wednesday after 9th day of the new moon in Shukla Paksha.

When the temple opens, large numbers of childless couples worship the Shiv Ling with cucumber. For the offering they tear the cucumber into two halves with their nails and offer the same. They come out of the temple eating the same cucumber which was being offered by them.

Once the offerings are done, the doors are again closed in the evenings by raising the heavy stone and spreading the sand in front of the temple.

Other attraction of Kondagaon is the Nirmal Chat Bhandar on the main road of Kondagaon which is famous for its Potpouris. Kondagaon lies on the NH 30 linking Raipur with Jagdalpur. It is 71 kms from Jagdalpur and easily accessible by bus, car and tourist vehicles.

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