Abuj Maria Tribe

By on Feb 5, 2018 in Lifestyle

Abuj Marias are inhabitants of abujjmad area of Naryanpur. They are known as hill Marias.

The areas inhabited by the Abuj Maria tribals, are a dense forest area that sprawls across nearly 1500 miles of lush greenery. They live in isolation and inhabit secluded enclaves of Bastar.

They are a primitive race whose mannerisms are rather ferocious.

It is said that the Abhuj Marias shoot down the strangers with their arrows and so are feared by the outsiders.

They are hardly tempted by the material pleasures of life.

They are at times hostile of strangers. They still follow their age old practice of livelihood.

They are mainly semi-nomadic farmers practicing shifting cultivation method of agriculture. pointed wood pieces are used for piercing for cultivation and stone implements for harvesting the produce.

Strong sense of community feeling exists between them and equality and brotherhood are highly valued principles among these tribes.

They protect tigers from poachers, which is highly honored and feared among these tribes.

They also practice Ghotul system. Divorce and remarriages are common but adultery is not allowed. Marriages among blood relations among brother and sisters are common.

They keep their quintessential culture alive and un affected  by vestige of time. they seldom clean themselves or their garments.

They are scantily clad and simply cover themselves with a loin cloth. they are fond of traditional ethnic jewellery and wear several iron rings strung around their neck, sometimes as many as 20 rounds, in their neck. They drink from the pound/river replicating an animal.

The women love wearing earnings and sometimes pierce as many as 14 holes in their ears and hang two rings of studs from them.

They worship local village deity Kaksar and dance for blessings for repeating a good harvest.

Kaksar is a group dance, performed by young boys and girls, dressed in their best.

The most fascinating aspect of the dance is the use of tinkling bells of different sizes tied to the waists of the dancers. their sound imparts a magical and soothing effect, to the accompanying music.

They are one of the few tribal groups of India still practicing their unique and traditional way of life.

It is said that they have fallen prey to Marxist insurgency.



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