Anandprabhu Kutir Sirpur

By on Jul 13, 2018 in Travel

Located at some distance from the main village of Sirpur and the other archaeological finds, the vihara at  AnandPrabhu Kutir is worth mentioning. The complex had two viharas laid side by side. The seated image pf Budha in one of the viharas is still extant. The ruins give the visitor a good idea regarding the life of the resident monks and their way of instruction.

At about 500 m from the Lakshman Temple is another smaller brick temple, the Ram Temple, Which according to Dr. Shivakant Bajpai, is one of the exemplary works of the stellate (star-shaped) temples of Dakshin Koshala. Of special interest is the richly engraved doorframe with nagas in half-human and half-serpentine form, a feature which constituted an important trait of the Mahakoshala style. The Garuda on the lintel holds the tails of two nagas.

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