Baison Horn Maria Tribe

By on Jan 25, 2018 in Lifestyle

This tribal community has the custom of wearing a distinctive head gear which resembles the horns of a wild bison. They generally wear the head gear (the peculiar crown decorated with the horns of Bison) which the male members are during tribal ceremonies and dance.

The groups among them, who left the hills and inhabited in plain areas of Bastar, Bijapur, and Dantewada are known as Dandami Marias.

Their religion belief is a combination of Hinduism with Animistic beliefs. They worship varied god. The clan Gods, which are supposedly territorial are housed on Boarder of every village so as to protect the village from any external or black magic.

The men have got a distinct hair style of long ponytail. They carry tobacco box and special kind of comb which is attached to their loin cloth.

Women of this group generally dress in white skirts. They use various kinds of jewellery for adornment.

The bison horn shaped head dress worn by them are nowadays are made of cattle horn because of scarcity of Bison horns. Those head dresses are placed on a frame of Bamboo and decorated with feathers of peacock and hanging cowry shell strings. Such a head dress is passed on from one generation to another.

The houses of baison horn Maria tribes are made by stone plates.

Divorces and widow remarriages are common but adultery is strictly forbidden. Marriage among blood relations including brothers and sisters are common.

The language spoken by this tribe is Dandami Maria. Some of them speak Gondi Dialact, Which is an oral language of Dravidian origin.

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