Bastar Drinks

By on Jan 29, 2018 in Food

Some of the Bastar drinks are as under:


The Mahua drink is having special socio-religious importance in folk culture of Bastar. This is unique in the traditional culture of Bastar. In a local market, one can enjoy the group (all sitting together) drinking style of Mahua drink, in a cup like structure made of leaves (Known as chipdi in local language).


The Salphi of Bastar is a local drink prepared from sap of Salphi tree. The tribes use the same on various occasions. This is more prevalent in Bijapur and Dantewada areas of Bastar.


This drink is made by fermented rice. Many herbs are used to ferment the rice. This is rice bear (with low alcoholic content) of the local tribes. The word originated from handi means earthen/clay pots where the fermented rice is kept. The tribal and other local people consume the same, after hard day’s work. Handia is also offered in different social occasions. It is believed that it’s consumption will make the body cool, helps in avoiding sun-stroke, in the summer season and its has medicinal properties.

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