Bhand deul Temple, Arang

By on Aug 16, 2018 in Travel

Though little is known of its origins, epigraphic interpretations tell us the this Jain temple in red sandstone harks back to the 9th century and houses three tirthankara idols in black granite. Set on a high platform within a neat enclosure hemmed in by cheek-by-jowl homes. its facade is completely shorn of design elements and possibly missing an attached congregation hall. The remaining sides are covered in intricate sculptures depicting scenes of dance and music, animals, yaksha-yakshis and amorous couples, amongst others. These architectural features suggest it may have been commissioned by rulers of the Haihaya dynasty. Bang midst of a congested township some 40km from Raipur it is merely an hour’s drive away. Since it is en route. it can be clubbed with an excursion to Sirpur (p24), which is another 40km from here.

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