Dandak Cave Bastar

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The state of Chhattisgarh is a beauty to visit. There are various exploration areas and mind blowing visuals. The pictures and the scenic beauties are the one thing which drives the tourist through thick and thin. Places which are difficult to reach and do not have sunlight penetrating through are also visited round the globe by the visitors.

One of such kind of interesting places is the caves hidden beneath the ground, undiscovered or discovered. One such cave that exists since the year 1995 in the state of Bastar is known as the Dandak cave. The cave is 200 meters long and beautifully divided into two compartments. The cave and its passage is so small and thin that visitors have to crawl on their knees from the first to the second compartment. Due to the rock sediments, various formations can be seen in the cave. Rock formations at the entrance make the visitors difficult to crawl into and have a cozy look. The rock formation within the cave looks like beautiful and varied carvings, depicting the true scenario wherein experts have carved the rock with preciseness and symmetry.

As it is a cave, formation of stalagmite and stalactite can also be seen with its marvelous creation of various formations. The interesting fact is Kanger National Park houses so many caves within. Every cave has a different story to narrate, a different color to portrait and a different beauty to flaunt. The caves are mostly dark inside with no clear sight. Hence the Government has always taken its initiative in building and constructing amenities required like solar lights and stairs.

The cave looks like a huge palace from outside with a very small and a thin gate. One has to go down almost 500 steps to stand in front of a narrow entrance that leads into a wide chamber. The chamber of the cave is filled with floating stones and structures that look like pop corns. The chamber within is so huge and giant that it can accommodate minimum of 500 people within. The description of the chamber might sound like a huge palace with all amenities, but no, it’s a cave. A cave that has smooth surfaces and floors, which is very cold from inside and peaceful of course.

A small entrance connects the second chamber from the first one. One can crawl on their knees to the second one to explore its variance. The second chamber is also equally huge that can accommodate people in size. The two main and big chambers lead to fewer smaller chambers but are not easily accessible. The chambers are little scary due to the darkness and the stalagmite formation. The chambers within are one sight for all the visitors and is also a great source of discovery for the researchers.

Dandak cave is one place to be visited by the tourist and needs full exploration that will amaze you. When in Chhattisgarh, the caves present in the Kanger National Park should definitely be on the bucket list. The apt weather for visiting the cave is during summers and winters. Monsoons are definitely not advised due to the water clogging and stagnating.

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