Gondiapal Cave Bastar

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Bastar and the Kanger National Park house numerous waterfalls, caves and valleys. The beauty of the nature just doesn’t end with a single picture clicked. Once we start exploring the places, lot can be discovered and viewed over the period of time. Many such caves are found within the premise which gives an awesome view and inner peace. One such cave that is largely visited by the tourists and the locals is called as Gondiapal cave.

The Gondiapal cave is situated near the borders of Kandagaon, Lohandiguda and Narainpur block located in the district of Bastar. The hill is very beautifully decorated with greenery and lush around. The Gondiapal cave is located approx 80kms from Jagdalpur. The cave is a pure discovery by the people around. The cave is huge enough with a length more than 179 feet. The cave is accidentally discovered by some tourists passing through the dense forest.

The discovery of the Gondiapal cave is very fascinating. But its location is very far away from the hustle. Due to its distance, the cave is very abandoned and peaceful. The Gondiapal cave is not located within the Kanger National Park and hence draws very little attention when compared to the amount that it should have being an untouched cave.  The size of the cave is huge with many compartments within. The cave is also a tourist destination but has a lot of peace due to very little people visiting it. The cave has amazing stalagmite and stalactite formation around the walls, thus providing a very beautiful experience.

The cave is so huge that its stalagmite and stalactite formation is considered to be one of the largest amongst all the caves located in Bastar near Jagdalpur. The cave is believed to be huge with big compartments and water-filled within. The cave is also considered one of the largest ones amongst the other caves nearby. With a peaceful and calm serenity, the Gondiapal cave is one of the best that a visitor can view. The locals have even requested the Government to start exploring the cave in the near future so that it can be visited and experienced by the visitors. In fact, Gondiapal cave is so famous that a local newspaper named Nayi Duniya has published lot many useful articles about the cave.

When in Chhattisgarh visiting the caves should be on your bucket list. Gondiapal cave would never disappoint you even if it is visited less. However, the cave is bliss to watch. The rainy seasons are definitely not advised for a visit; however, the summers and the winters are best. Not very far away from the Jagdalpur city, the Gondiapal cave should be a must visit when in Chhattisgarh to observe the peace within that is not found in any other cave nearby.

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