Dhurvaa Tribe

By on Feb 6, 2018 in Lifestyle

These tribes are found mainly in Adhar and Chintgarh areas of Bastar. They are courageous and known for their bravery. They are appointed to take care of the King’s palace.

In terms of social hierarchy, they rank second only after elite Bhatra tribals.

The cloth wearing style of Dhurvaa ladies, their hair style, tattoo mark, metal anklets on their foot distinguish them from others.

This tribe had given birth to a famous warrior Gunndadhur who led the tribal mutiny in 1910.

People belonging to Parja Tribe in Bastar, that locally mean the public, are considered as a sub tribe of Dhurba tribe. presently they have merged with the Dhurbaa tribe. Dhurvaas in their native dialect means a local village Chieften.

The Dhruvaas are proud, courageous and highly caste conscious race, who only mix with the people of equal social standing.

Their society is progressive and broad minded and polygamy is a common and accepted practice.

They are religious and worship many village Goddesses Feasts and animal sacrifice to appease the village Goddess are very much a part of their social life.

Marriage system is quite similar to other tribes and women enjoy better status in the society. Tobacco and liquor consumption (Mahua drinks) is a must for celebration and evening activities consumed by men and women, young and old a like.

The women who are responsible for all domestic matters are held in high esteem. The men are generally indolent and except for routine cultivation and haunting, they do not take much interest in domestic affairs.

Dhurvaa community celebrates a festival known as Gurgal, continuously, for one month every year which is known for its musical importance.


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