Dolra Tribe

By on Feb 8, 2018 in Lifestyle

The people belonging to this tribe are mainly found in konta and Bhopalpattanam areas of Bastar.

Their dialect is Dorli, influenced by the Telugu language.

According to the legend of this tibe, in the beginning, a cow too was originated together with the Supreme being. Therefore, Dorla community keep much affinity with cows and they pay much respect to Deity  Bheema Dev.

Frog Marriage

Dorlas are famous in celebrating marriage feast of frogs to get sufficient rains. It is known as “Kappal pandum” . It is celebrated by women folk. A date for the feast is fixed by the priest and on that day, the ladies of the village collect frogs from the fields and keep them in a new pot. The pot will be covered with a new cloth and this will be taken to village head house. It remains there for a week and they are taken in a procession and left to the nearby stream or pounds.

During the feast days the aged women in the village pay special homage to the clan God.

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