Bhagoriya festival in Bastar Chhattisgarh

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It is a popular festival among  Bhil  Tribes. These tribes are mostly found in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh. A very less number of Bhil tribes are found in Bastar and its adjoining areas.

The meaning of the term Bhagoria is “elopes”. Bhagoradey, God of dance, is worshipped on this occasion. The most respected village elder presides over the ceremony. Sweets are offered to the God and later, these are distributed among the numbers of the tribe.

During the festival, the young girls and boys dance with each other and express their love to opposite sex. It officially allows one to elope with one’s lover. Everybody dances with beat of drums and sweet melody of shehnai and flutes.

It is celebrated around march and Is held a week before Holi young men go around applying Gulal to the girls they like. If, a girl reciprocates the sentiment, she also applies Gulal in return and that is what a young man needs to marry her.

One can run away with the beloved and marriage will be solemnised in due course. Even the mutual exchange of pan (Betal leaf) is also a mutual exchange of love. It is celebrated among Bhil tribes, which are comparatively, in less numbers in Bastar. This festival is special for Bhils, because it could mean love, romance and even marriage.

Bhagoriya is to Bhils, what Madai is to Gonds.

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