Cher Chera – Culture of satya yuga

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In this festival giving and accepting paddy/part of the harvest and other materials are treated as a part of culture by small and big, rich and poor. They feel proud to be a part of it.

In this festival kids of different tribes, with humming/singing in local language, visit each home and collect raw edibles like rice, fruits and whatever one can give.

No one returns empty handed from anybody’s house.

This was the culture of old Satya Yug, the custom which still prevails in this area.

This is the only festival in the world, where begging to and from each other, irrespective of one’s status high or low, is treated with respect.

This is celebrated on the full moon day of poush, singing, with kuhuk Dance and beating of drums.

The Chher Chhera festival is celebrated with young men and women Wearing masks dancing and singing. Clay masks are made out of clay pots or Matkas with holes for the eyes and with clay noses stuck on them.

As per legend, on this day, Lord Shiv had gone to beg the hand of Goddess Parvati, in her house. Before marriage, Lord Shiv had to take various cross examinations/ ordeals, and this festival symbolizes one of them.

Many good and beneficial community works are also performed on this day, on the pretext of this festival.

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