Fagun madai in Bastar Chhattisgarh

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This is a ten day long festival, starts 7 to 8 days prior to holi and ends a couple of days after Holi. This is a very colourful and vibrant festival,  in which tribes from all over Bastar assemble to celebrate. These tribes bring with them their local deities and establish them at the Dantewada temple.

The Gods and Goddesses from hundreds of tribal villages come for the Fagun madai at Dantewada.

The celebration of holi was assimilated with many tribal customs and traditions along worship of Goddess Danteswari and accordingly, the name was given as “Phagun Madai”.

Sometimes, the custom of tribes go parallel with the actual tradition and customs of common Hindus and sometimes it goes entirely different.

It may be coincidence that the ending customs of Faagun madai, falls on the same day along with Holika Dahan, but rest of the customs are entirely different.

This is followed by a lot of cultural and religious activities. A number of dances are specially performed on this occasion like cheetal dance, Mask dance and Relo dance. Bison horn Dhurba dance during phagun Madai is Worth visit for any one.

The last day of Fugan Shukla Pratipada, is celebrated as paduka pujan and Rang Bhang. All visitors, followers and tribes play Holi with each other, inviting Goddess Danteswari  and all other deities also. The cap used by the priest is prepared with white flowers.

In the last part, they bath at the bank of Shankini and Dankini. Thereafter, the puja of Bhairam Baba is performed.

The last day of Fagun Madai, comes with the retreat of all deities. It is an emotional farewell for the tribes and the locals.

Care For Environment

The colours for Fugan Madai celebrations are prepared with mud mixed powder of drilled flowers.

Even in Holika Dahan, dried leaves are used/ combustion of palm leaves, instead of wood, to save the trees.

This shoes their concern for the environment, which is a lesson for the present day society.

This ecological Holi is celebrated in Bastar since a long time. Holika Combustion with palm leaves are an example of their care for the environment / Saving trees in Dantewada/ Bastar.

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