Kabir Math, Damakheda

By on Aug 21, 2018 in Travel

One of many esoteric sects that grew to prominence in Chhattisgarh was the Kabir Panth. It owes its presence in the state to Dharamdas. a contemporary disciple of Kabir, a strong proponent of the Bhakti Movement of the 15th century.The math in Damakheda. however, was established in the 20th century by one Ugranaam. a descendant of Dharamdas; earlier seats were primarily centred in Kawardha. Presently the clean and leafy math hosts marbled cenotaphs (recent in vintage) of members of Ugranaam’s family beyond a lotus pond surrounded by hidey-holes painted with scenes from Kabir’s life. Also, within the pink- and maroon-walled grounds is a tiny temple in honour of Kabir himself. The math is additionally home to sewaks, both male and female who live on the premises in different sections. The usually somnolent place throngs with devotees on Kabir Jayanti and during Dassehra.
Just 60km from Raipur. the sleepy town can be visited as a day-trip or en route to Bilaspur.

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