Benti Jharan Jagdalpur Bastar

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The state of Chhattisgarh and its districts holds many secrets and places to be visited within. Most of them are untouched and yet not discovered, wherein, few of them are like a portrait within the city. The more we dive into the inner atmosphere, the more eye catchy and mind-blowing destinations are found. Benti Jharan is also one amongst these destinations that can blow anybody’s mind away.  The Benti Jharan is found in Jaitgiri village, very close to Jagdalpur.

The scenic beauty of the place is mesmerizing. Benti Jharan is natural spring water found within the thick greenery of the dense forests. The name of the exciting place has its own mystery, Benti is a type of plant found in the area whereas Jharan means stream. Hence, the nuance behind the name “Benti Jharan” is, the plants surrounding the stream.

The Benti Jharan is situated within the dense forest with very minimum sunlight passing through the alley. Being 36kms from Jagdalpur, the Benti Jharan is located in Bakawand block. Nearby, a famous temple is also located known as Jaitgiri temple, which is 12kms from Benti Jharan. The temple profusely provides a peaceful serenity and environment to all its visitors. The temple is located within the dense forest again in a calm surrounding. The Jaitgiri temple is a Shiva temple and hence it is mostly visited by the pilgrims during Maha Shiv Ratri.

Looking at the Jaitgiri temple, the old horror movies would picturize at the back of the minds. Long trees with a large group of bats and termites would surround the area up to 6 feet, portraying a scary picture of the surroundings. The famous sightseeing objects found here are the Benth plants and Kewda forest. People from distant places come and gather here only for the attractions that can be enjoyed.

The forest is definitely very dense, but due to the infrastructural constructions and to shape the face of the state, the forest is been cut down. This picture would definitely hurt you a bit if you area nature lover, however, the Government is now taking initiatives to improve the wonderful forest and decreasing the cutting down of the tress. It is a very good place of visit when in Chhattisgarh, but a smaller one when compared to the waterfalls or the lakes. But if you are a hardcore nature lover and an enthusiast, Benti Jharan is a place that should be on your spot list while you are in the beautiful district of Bastar.

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