Ganga Munda Lake Jagdalpur Bastar

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Bastar is known for its dense forest, varied food, tribal life and unique culture. While you are in Bastar, one can discover a lot many scenic beauties that are either untouched or are never found anywhere else. The tourist places in Bastar are what make the city a complete venture of target by the travelers. A sightseeing and hangout place within the city, the Ganga Munda Lake is the survival location for all. One of the closest and nearby visiting areas in the city, the Ganga Munda Lake is a visit to cherish.

If you are from Mumbai, or might have visited Mumbai, or are aware of the places in Mumbai, then you must also know of the famous Chaupati in Mumbai which is visited by almost thousands every day. Day in and day out chaupati has served to be one of the best hanging out places in the city. Similarly, the Ganga Munda Lake is the Chaupati of Jagdalpur serving its purpose as a famous place of hanging out and relaxation. The lake is very much occupied with crowded public during the seasons and hence becoming a liability of the Government to take care of its maintenance.

The Ganga Munda Lake is rich in aquatic fauna and serves as a closest picnic spot for the families. The best time to mesmerize the visit is during the winters, where one can enjoy the beautiful fog floating over the lake waters, picturing a calm area with varied insect sounds and silence. The lake thus satisfies the getaways from the city’s rush and sounds making it a peaceful location.

Ganga Munda Lake also offers new features like boating a motor or paddle boats across the lake, to enjoy some water sports. One can also enjoy the streets here with varied food joints availability, which suffices the stomachs. During evenings, the places are mostly covered by the students and families enjoying. The Ganga Munda festival also takes place here within the city localities. The festival is celebrated at the end of Dussehra when the Gods and Goddesses along with mawali Mata are drowned and departed respectively. Being within the city boundaries, it is one of the best abodes for people looking out for peace and change.

If you are in Bastar, and needs to settle down with the city rush, do come visit the Ganda Munda Lake for some time and delve in the peaceful serenity view for a refreshing mind and soul. Within the city, this is one of the best lakes to be visited by any traveler or localities.

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