Gulmi Lake Bastar

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Chhattisgarh, a peaceful and forest filled state is also a house of many waterfalls and lakes. Similarly, there stands the Gulmi Lake which is popular for its serenity. Situated in the Jagdalpur and Odisha border, the lake is very peaceful and has a lonely surrounding with very few people visiting the place.

The Gulmi Lake takes about 1.5 hours from Jagdalpur city with not-so-good roads and loneliness across. The lake is a silent getaway from the hush of the city. The breathtaking view of the lake is mixed along with different sizes and shapes of rocks and trees. The place is like a discovery to the visitors when looked upon with a huge water body surrounded by forest and peeping rocks and trees across the border. The lake does provide a calmer surrounding with peace filled within.

The lake is suspense within with no exact depth being known to the visitors. Hence, the lake is a little dangerous for people who would like to dive into without noticing the depth and even-ness. And hence, going into the lake is not advisable until and unless you are a good swimmer. Overall, the lake provides interesting areas and places to discover with peace surrounded.

The different shaped rocks and trees looks beautiful adding their taste to the nature. However, with the continuous contact with the water bodies, these rocks are way too slippery and are horribly dangerous to climb on. Being careful while enjoying at the lake is the mantra to have a fun filled time here. The lakes is definitely beautiful and charming, but try avoiding any major accidents while enjoying on the sandy shores and slippery rocks.

One in Chhattisgarh should definitely visit the area and discover the slightest of the beauty filled within. The more you discover, the more you find out. Hence the best time to visit this place can be anytime during the year, rainy seasons are not so preferable though. Winters are the best thus, making this place a mandatory one while one is in the state of Chhattisgarh.

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