Lively and Cheerful Bastar Haats

By on Jan 19, 2018 in Lifestyle

Weekly haats (markets) are held almost in every big village or in a place adjoining 2-3 small villages. Locals visit these Haats for buying and selling.

Barter system is prevalent in some Haats, which are still untouched by the civilization. The tribals are mostly forest dwellers and live in harmony with their natural surroundings Their life is dependent on forest procedure. Each tribe has its own customs and traditions which are separate from other tribals.

One can taste local snacks. Local snacks. Local liquor made from dried Mahua flowers is available in plenty in these Haats, In these Haats, the daily necessities from salt to soap are available and local people purchase the daily necessities for the week. Tamarind, Mahua, Kusum, Bodo, phooto, dried fish and other forest products are available in these markets.

It might interest one, to know that, the raw material for many fancy products come from here (for example, Bastar Sal butter, is an ingredient in many international chocolate brands).

People travel even 15/20 km to come to these Haats. It is colourful, friendly and fun. Villages gather here to socialize over a cup of Ianda (rice bear), salphi(juice of one kind of palm) or mahua (the local brew of Mahua seeds).

The markets are the best places to see them in best of their costumes. One will observe how the innocent tribes are happy and content with little facilities in the area.

Cock fight is a regular scene in these Haats. Here, a visitor can have the best interface with colourful tribals.

Once or twice a day, in a week is assigned to one or more regions for a particular Haat. Yellow, orange or blue Tarpuline-hued shades cover small shops, where vegetables and various daily needs are sold. The market\Haat functions till around 4 pm in the evening, when the tribals pack up and return to their villages, as the distance is more.

They also bring their craft to nearby weekly District Haats for sale, where they may get a better price.

Visit to a local Haat is a lively and cheerful experience and one will feel the tribal lifestyle and glimpse of commerce at its primary stage.

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