Anthropological Museum – The Perfect Picture of Bastar History

By on Jan 19, 2018 in

This is established in the office of Anthropological Survey of India. It provides a perfect picture of History, the culture and life style of various Adivasi tribes in Bastar.

It houses a fine collection of numerous objects of ethnographic interest. the rare items on display at the museum throw light on the rituals and customs followed by various tribes in Bastar and highlight their style of living and religious practices.

It is one of the prominent museums in Central India. The rare collections, at the museum cove various fields of Anthropology like ethnology, linguistics, archaeology and physical anthropology. Some of the rare collections include head gear, ornaments, weapons, masks, art work, sculptures and musical instruments, paintings, wood carvings etc.

It gives an idea of different Bastar tribal groups, their customs and forms of worship.

The exhibits include items of daily use, photographs, models and artefacts etc. The collections in the museum also include items from Koraput of Odisha and khamam of Telengana area. There is a small reading room with a fair collection of Books.

This museum is a Window to the life style and ethnic cultures of various tribes of Bastar. It is about 4 km from the city centre.

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