Red Ant Chutney

By on Jan 29, 2018 in Food

The ants are captured and crushed in a pestle and mortar with chilli, ginger and salt. They grind them into a paste to make chutney known as chapura. The bodies of ants contain formic acid believed to make useful medicinal qualities. People of the area believe that this cures malaria and dengue and quite useful for a person suffering from fever. people say that if there is normal fever, they go to the forest, sit under a tree so that red ant can bite them and the fever will be cured.

Some also use Tomatoes, green coriander and red chillies, to prepare the chatni. This is available more in the month of November and December.

This is an unfamiliar dish which will not be found anywhere expect its native place in Bastar. This tastes a bit sour.

Borden Ramsay, famous British chef during his visit to Bastar, in search of delicious food, had prepared a nice video on Chapda Chatni.

Home of Red Ants

Red ants prepare their home very nicely. They prepare the home by joining the small leaves or by folding a bigger leave. They give the eggs inside those clusters.

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