Bastar Mahadev Temple

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The temples are constructed in India in remembrance of the Gods and Goddesses that a person or a community trusts in and has faith in. India believes and has faith in many different Gods and Goddesses and they do not step back in worshipping any of them. Sometimes a foreigner might scare to see the numerous numbers of powers being believed in. The temples are hence constructed so that a person can worship and dwell into spiritual thoughts peacefully. Temples are the quietest places on the Earth. Not just temples let be any worship place like Church or Mosque, the place is filled with positivity and peace.

Chhattisgarh is believed to have many temples that are constructed in remembrance of different Gods and Goddesses. Hence, when in the state, visiting the temples should be on your list. The temples are carved with awesome inscriptions and beautiful decoration. Visiting temples would give a person the utmost peace required. In Chhattisgarh, mostly the great Goddesses are believed like Danteswari, Mavali and Banjarin.

It is believed that the Kakatiya rulers before moving to Jagdalpur, stayed in a town for a shorter period of time. This town or place where they stayed was later named as Bastar and thus it got its name. In the Bastar village itself, a temple has been constructed, but by whom still remains a question unanswered. Hence, the temple stands as an archaeological site which is very old and ancient. The temple has two chambers within, one is to offer prayer and the second room is for Garbha Griha where the Shiva Ling is centrally located. The temple is beautifully constructed with two idols as gate keepers kept at the entrance of the Garbha Griha. The temple is popularly believed for some ancient beliefs and rituals by the people especially by the married couples who do not have children. The couple prays within the temple and wishes for one, when the wish is fulfilled they offer silver image of snakes and other material. The temple is hugely crowded by the people from nearby and distant areas to fulfill their wishes and to seek blessings.

Since, the temples are worship areas hence they are flooded with visitors and pilgrims all throughout the year. The temples are mostly the areas wherein people can find peace and dwell into spirituality. Hence, devotees are always welcomes to the temple premises. Might this not be a different place of visit for Indians, but it is for people who are not from India. In fact, every temple has its own origin and is a must visit by any human. Visiting one of the greatest replicas and mostly visited, the Bastar Mahadev Temple should definitely be on your list to practice some peaceful and spirituality during your trip to the state that houses natural beauties, the Chhattisgarh.

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