Mavali Temple Narayanpur

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Visiting temples can give utmost peace to a person. Temples constructed are irrespective of their religions, anybody can visit temples. The Gods for whom the temples are constructed are the creators of the universe. Hence people have the utmost faith and blind trust on them. Humans believe that God can give pain and take away the pain. In fact, it is a powerful faith that anybody has, and can never be measured. Temples, Churches, Mosques are just ways to have faith and a place dedicated only to pray to God and worship them. Hence, temples are constructed with respect, love, and dedication.

When in Chhattisgarh, one must be aware of the most important Goddess who is Danteswari. Goddess Danteswari is widely believed and worshipped, and thus Goddess Mavali is believed to be the elder sister of Goddess Danteswari. Devi Mavali temple is located nearby the temple for Goddess Danteswari and is the presiding deity of the location Narayanpur. It is believed that, prior to Goddess Fanteswari, Goddess Mavali was the family deity of Bastar and was largely visited by the worshippers.

The Dussehra is one of the most believed and largely celebrated festivals in Bastar. The celebration of Dussehra in Bastar takes place in the Mavali temple, the legendary temple. During Dussehra all the deities from the nearby and distant tribal villages are collected in this temple. The celebration of Dussehra in the place is completely different from how its celebrated in the rest of the state. The temple is filled with other deities of Goddess Laxmi, Shiv, Sarawati and Lord Vishnu. During Dussehra basically, the temple is decorated beautifully marking the significance and performing all rituals and offerings perfectly in Goddess Mavali temple.

Since the temples are worship areas hence they are flooded with visitors and pilgrims all throughout the year. The temples are mostly the areas wherein people can find peace and dwell into spirituality. Hence, devotees are always welcomed to the temple premises. Might this not be a different place of visit for Indians, but it is for people who are not from India. In fact, every temple has its own origin and is a must visit by any human. Visiting one of the greatest replicas and most visited, the Mavali temple should definitely be on your list to practice some peaceful and spirituality during your trip to the state that houses natural beauties, the Chhattisgarh.

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