Shiv Temple Gumadpal Bastar

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The Shiva Temple is located in Gumadpal in the Singhaighuri on Katekalyan-jagdalpur road connected via Tirathgarh. The Shiva Temple is located 15kms from Katekalyan. The Shiva Temple is considered to be the Jaladhari or Yoni-pitha in the sanctum. It is believed that the Shiva Temple was constructed in the 13th century AD by the Kakatiya rulers on a raised platform facing east. The Shiva Temple is so beautiful that it is a heritage site and has an architecture that depicts the region in which it is constructed.

People in India are non atheists mostly and hence visit temples for spirituality. Thus the Shiva temple constructed is to serve the spiritual, cultural and social dimensions and beliefs of the people residing in the area and of course of the tourists as well. The temples are constructed in remembrance of common Gods and thus can be considered as replicas. Temples are a magnificent reflection of our ancient past, the way people believed in different Gods and the ways they worshipped. The temple walls are inscribed with idol designs depicting and picturing the ancient culture of India.

Since, the temples are worship areas hence they are flooded with visitors and pilgrims all throughout the year. The temples are mostly the areas wherein people can find peace and dwell into spirituality. Hence, devotees are always welcomes to the temple premises. Might this not be a different place of visit for Indians, but it is for people who are not from India. In fact, every temple has its own origin and is a must visit by any human. Visiting one of the greatest replicas, the Shiva temple should be on your list to practice some peaceful and spirituality during your trip to the state that houses natural beauties, the Chhattisgarh.

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